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Why was the magazine section added back? Why have an empty section (on the leading page, mind you) just to say there's no magazine?

In my mind, this wiki and it's projects section (hopefully to grow & expand over time), *is* the magazine.

04:33, 13 August 2014

I agree with Dustin, that we shouldn't put a magazine section if we don't have a magazine and if there are still not enough projects to make a magazine., I want to remove the magazine section from the Wiki, but you clearly don't. How about we make a poll on the DevTalk forum (that hundreds of people will read, instead of this Talk page where just a handful of people will read), asking what the majority want:

1) Remove the Magazine section on the Wiki (until perhaps in >6 months time when there are enough projects to make a magazine)

2) Keep the Magazine section on the Wiki that says there is no Magazine.

3) Keep the Magazine section on the Wiki and start organizing to actually make a magazine about Jetson TK1 & CUDA. This would have to mostly be done by users with many user-contributed projects. I assume this won't be possible until atleast 6 months when Jetson TK1 is more in use).

19:29, 14 August 2014