I am a newb, I do not feel qualified, please correct Memory Debuggers page for me: valgrind comment

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Revision as of 31 July 2020 at 21:41.
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I just want to note an inaccurate/out of date info on page https://elinux.org/Memory_Debuggers#valgrind

> "Unfortunately, as of July 2010 it is only available for x86 and ppc6"

As of 2020 things have changed, see https://www.valgrind.org/downloads/

"For {x86,amd64,arm32,arm64,ppc32,ppc64le,ppc64be,s390x,mips32,mips64}-linux, {arm32,arm64,x86,mips32}-android, {x86,amd64}-solaris and {x86,amd64}-darwin (Mac OS X 10.13)."

Adding I have used valgrind several times on x64 so I know the original comment is no longer accurate

    14:37, 31 July 2020