I2C errors appeared with multiple usb devices

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As a result of our confirmation again, it can be reproduced, even if the USB device is not connected. Let me share the reproduction the scenario below. In addition, I used another board butI2C error is still reproduced.

[ Reproduce environment ]

- Renesas bsp 3.15 - Rcar M3 StarterKit + KF-M06 - CMOS Camera OV5642

 Connected CMOS Camera to CN 29 on KF-M06.

- capture command

 Customized based on V4L2 video capture example in here.
 please see the attached file.
 # capture -d /dev/video0 -F -f rgb32 -L 0 -T 0 -W 12800 -H 720 -c 1000 -t 60 -z


[ 1491.549362] i2c-rcar e66d8000.i2c: error -11 : f


[ 1443.614690] i2c-rcar e66d8000.i2c: error -110 : 3

When capture command was executed, I2C bus error occurs probability as below. pattern1: 3/10. pattern2: 4/10.

Your feedback would be welcome. Thanks

06:07, 1 April 2019

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Thank you for the confirmation. Let me re-check with another camera module.

04:01, 11 April 2019