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22:46, 22 March 2018 RIchShumaker (talk | contribs)

New thread created


I have been using the Raspberry Pi Zero W a lot more recently because of the cost. The most recent update to my Pi Zero W Camera has been to use it via OTG.

OMG it makes the Raspberry Pi Camera into a really good 'Web Cam' or 'Streaming Camera', to me it is much better than even using Ethernet. Since it is OTG my PC can get the data very fast, I have not run any tests except I think it is the max throughput of the USB-2 port.

Since this set up allows for very immediate interactions I started 'fiddling with the knobs' and found that I could lock it up at times. That led me to try to 'not' lock it up but push it all the way to 11. When I had 'auto' on for any of the settings it seemed to get a bit slower. I was not sure if anyone else has experienced this or not.

Is there a way to 'share' our setting easily, a save feature and load feature? Could we easily share the user.config file or something like that?

Any help on sharing settings easily would be very helpful. I would love to see how far the experimentation on this configuration of the camera could go.

I also noticed that my V2 camera seems to lock up and I checked the temps as I thought that might be it. Has anyone else experienced V2 cameras locking up? Maybe it is a known issue.

22:46, 22 March 2018