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The site seems to be using the email discussing method I recommend the implementation of IRC It is easier, faster and can get more freely than using email, or get both stay.

    10:52, 3 May 2014

    We've had #elinux on freenode for years.

      19:53, 3 May 2014

      I mean, an independant chat for every category for example #elinux_software #elinux_hardware etc. for better management in information sorting (might find some useful infos too)

        02:37, 4 May 2014

        Well, there are already lots of channels dedicated to both. For example #beagle. But I believe one central channel where everyone congregates increases your chance of finding someone with knowledge about whatever it is you're interested in. This also allows others to chime in and/or just follow specific chats to learn. There's also many mailing lists out there as well as

          05:21, 4 May 2014