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The BeagleBone Proto Cape is designed to provide a simple but productive prototyping space. This prototyping cape is equipped with a patterned prototyping area, two general LEDs, two tactile switches, one 8-pin female header and two stackable 46-pin connectors. LEDs and switches are wired to an 5-pin header for convenient access.

BeagleBone Proto Cape Features:
  • Two tactile switches
  • Two general LEDs with resistors
  • Header access to LEDs and switches
  • Stackable connectors

Please note: Please check out our Breadboard Kit

Revision Changes

Revision A1

This is the first revision.

Software Support

No software support is required by this board.


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone Breadboard:


Headers 1x HEADER FEMALE 4 pin
Headers 1x HEADER FEMALE 6 pin LeadLenght 10mm (supplied but unpopulated)
Headers 2x HEADER FEMALE 2×23 pin LeadLenght 10mm
Resistors 2x RESISTOR 1k 5% 0603
Resistors 2x RESISTOR 100k 5% 0603
Resistors 4x RESISTOR 10k 5% 0603
Switches 2x TACTILE SWITCH 6×3.5mm smd
MOSFET 2x N-Channel 100mA SOT23

Mechanical Specifications

Size 86.3 mm x 54.6 mm
Layers 2
PCB Thickness 1.64 mm
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

No signals are used by this cape.


EEPROM Suport No
Board Name TIGAL - BeagleBone Proto Cape
Version Rev. 1
Manufacturer Tigal
Part Number TIG-02413
Pins Used 0


Product Images


Hardware Files

BeagleBone Breadboard Revision 1

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