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BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape


The BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape allows users to connect up to four of mikroElektronika Click Boards to the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black. There are over 70 Click Boards to choose from and the list is expanding.


Getting Started

  1. Download a fresh image: http://beagleboard.org/latest-images
  2. Flash an SD Card with that image.
  3. Keep the SD Card in your PC and open the uEnv.txt found in the first partition of the SD Card.
  4. Change the Argument from:
    optargs=quiet drm.debug=7 capemgr.disable_partno=BB-BONELT-HDMI
  5. Save the uEnv.txt
  6. Safely remove the SD Card from your PC
  7. Insert the SD Card into your Beaglebone
  8. Mount the MikroBus Cape
  9. Boot the board
  10. Log in via SSH or Debug
BeagleBone (White)

To allow BB to identify appropriate pin headers configuration, Click Cape have an onboard EEPROM programmed to make the use of the Cape “plug and play”, just insert the Cape and reboot the BB.

BeagleBone Black

From adoption of Linux kernel 3.x a new method to configure pin headers was introduced, at the boot time an in-kernel utility named “capemgr” dynamically load Device Tree definitions to configure an appropriate pin headers and bus initialization.

As in the case of the White, reading the information stored in the onboard EEPROM, the use of Click Cape is “plug and play” but needs that the user (just one time) put the *.dtbo file (downloadable from here) in /lib/firmware and reboot the system.

$ wget http://download.tigal.com/tigal/BBBmikroBUScape/BB_board_dtbo.tar  
$ mkdir bbclickdtbo
$ tar -C /home/root/bbclickdtbo/ -xvf BB_board_dtbo.tar
$ cd bbclickdtbo/
$ cp BB-MIKROBUS-01-00A1.dts /lib/firmware/
$ cp BB-MIKROBUS-01-00A1.dtbo /lib/firmware/
$ reboot

Revision Changes

Revision V 1.0


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape:

mikroBUS Specification

Mikroe mikrobus logo.jpg

mikroBUS is a specially designed pinout standard with SPI, I2C, Analog, UART, Interrupt, PWM, Reset and Power supply pins. It has two 1x8 headers, each with VCC and GND power supply pads.

For more information visit http://www.mikroe.com/mikrobus/

New Click Boards featuring the mikroBUS pinout standard are released consistently. It is worth coming back every now and then to check what new click boards have become available recently.

Army of clicks.png

Mechanical Specifications

Size 62 mm x 69 mm
Layers 2
PCB Thickness 1.6 mm
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

Please check the signal routing here. No signals are used by this cape.


Board Name BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape
Version 00A1
Manufacturer Tigal
Part Number BB-MIKROBUS-01
Pins Used 0


Product Images


Hardware Files

BeagleBone Breadboard Revision A1

Mikrobus Cape Manual

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