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Tutorial: Debugging Embedded Devices Using GDB - A Review of Some Lessons Learned [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Mike Anderson, The Aerospace Company
Summary: This presentation talks about the GNU project,GCC and gdb and compiling for debugging.
Also about launching, loading and running application.Explains how to use GDB for debugging.

A Disciplined Approach to Debugging [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Lev Iserovich, D. E. Shaw Research

Finding Sources of Latency on your Linux System [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Steven Rostedt, VMware

Cycle tests Unleashed: Large-scale RT Analysis with Jitterdebugger [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens AG
Summary: The talk starts with an introduction to architecture and usage of the jitterdebugger tool, and address the question
of how it differs from the cyclictest tool suite. Then discuss archival strategies for keeping recorded data reproducible
in the long run (a non-trivial problem!), and discuss several types of statistical evaluation that are made possible by
jitterdebugger's new capabilities.

Using Serial kdb / kgdb to Debug the Linux Kernel [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Douglas Anderson, Google
Summary: Presentation demonstrates the use of kgdb for debugging simulated bugs in the kernel.
Focus will be on after-the-crash debugging, rather than stepping through the code.

Graphics Performance Analysis with FrameRetrace: A Responsive UI for ApiTrace [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Mark Janes, Intel
Summary: This slides will describe the current state of FrameRetrace, and why it is a compelling tool for OpenGL application
and driver developers. A demo of FrameRetrace will illustrate and fix a performance problem in the mesa driver.

Tutorial: Debugging Custom Hardware with Linux - Tools to Make Your Hardware Engineeers Love You [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Chris Martin, Intel
Summary: This presentation discuss about the hardware problem, useful tools and techniques.
The tools will range from the simple ones like devmem for peeking and poking and tcpdump for
network monitoring, to complex ready-made tools such as gdb, LTTng or eclipse for tracing, to custom scripts.

Autotools: A Demystification Tutorial [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons

Linux Integrated System Analysis (LISA) & Friends [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Patrick Bellasi, ARM Ltd

Apache Mynewt: An OS and Tools for the Embedded World [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Sterling Hughes, Runtime

Debugging the Linux Kernel with GDB [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Kieran Bingham

Understanding ARM HW Debug Options [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Michael E. Anderson, The PTR Group

uVisor Debugging Facility Improvements for ARM mbed [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Jim Huang, South Star Xelerator

Current Challenges in UBIFS [ELC 2015]

Presenter: Richard Weonberger, Sigma Star GmbH

Extending Android's Platform Toolsuite [ELC 2015]

Presenter: Karim Yaghmour, Opersys

Creating Open Hardware Tools [ELC 2015]

Presenter: David Anders, Intel

Debugging the Linux Kernel with GDB [ELC 2015]

Presenter: Peter Griffin, Linaro

Finding Performance and Power Issues on Android Systems [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Eric Moore, Intel Corporation

Building Tools From the Outside In: Bringing User-Centered Design to Embedded Linux [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Belen Barros Pena, Intel's Open Source Technology Center

Open Source Tools for Software Defined Radio on Multicore ARM+DSP [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Philip Balister, OpenSDR

Debugging - Linux Kernel Testing [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Matt Porter, Linaro

Hardware-Assisted Software Tracing [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Adrien Verge, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

Debugging (Sigrok: Using Logic to Debug Logic) [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Matt Ranostay, Intel Open Source Technology Center David Anders, CircuitCo

Debugging - Panel Discussion [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Karim Yaghmour, Opersys Matt Ranostay, Intel David Anders, CircuitCo Matt Porter, Linaro

Kernel Testing Tools and Techniques [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Matt Porter, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Survey of Linux Kernel Debugging Techniques [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Kevin Dankwardt, K Computing

Leveraging Linux - Code Coverage for Post-Silicon Validation [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Mehdi K., UBC Integrated Systems Design Lab

The 'Embedded' Problem as Experienced by Intel's Reference Phones [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Mark Gross, Intel/MCG/PSI

Debugging on a Production System [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Tristan Lelong, Adeneo Embedded

Userland Tools and Techniques For Linux Board Bring-Up and Systems Integration [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Hunyue Yau, HY Research LLC

Automated Testing with (Embedded Edition) (Cont.) [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Steven Rostedt, Red Hat

Embedded-Appropriate Crash Handling in Linux [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Tim Bird, Sony Network Entertainment

Ineffective and Effective Ways To Find Out Latency Bottlenecks With Ftrace [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba

Open Source Automated Test Framework [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Daniel Hursh, IBM

Intricacies of a MIPS Stack Backtrace Implementation [ELC 2012]

Presenter: David VomLehn, Cisco

Optimizing the Embedded Platform Using OpenCV [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Matt Weber, Rockwell Collins Inc.

Board Bringup: Open Source Hardware and Software Tools [ELC 2011]

Presenter: David Anders (Texas Instruments)

Tools and Techniques for Debugging Embedded Systems [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Anand Gadiyar (Texas Instruments)

Delivering Predictability: The Yocto Project Autobuilder, Automated Sanity Testing, License Collection, and Build Statistics Tracking [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Elizabeth Flanagan (Intel)

Powerdebugging Inside Linaro [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Amit Kucheria (Linaro)

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