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UDOO Configuration Tool is a utility created to assist UDOO basic and advanced Configuration. It comes preinstalled on UDOOBuntu Official UDOO Operating system.

Tool Overview

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UDOO configuration Tool has several subsections:

  • Change User Password

Selecting this you'll be able to change default password for user ubuntu. It is what you'll achieve by manually doing:


  • Change Keyboard Layout

This changes default keyboard layout.

  • Change Timezone Settings

This changes default timezone setting. This affects the Network Time Timezone Setting and sometimes can solve Networking Problems.

  • Change Remote Desktop Password

This changes the default Password of VNC Server. Default is ubuntu.

  • Expand Filesystem to fill disk max capacity

This expands filesystem of current Root Partition to fill the disk capacity.

  • Set Default Boot Device

This edits Uboot Environment allowing to select default Boot Device from MicroSD Card, SATA Drive or NFS.

  • Set Default Video Output (LVDS/HDMI)

This allows to enable UDOO LVDS Panel, 7 or 15 inches. A reboot is required to enable them.

  • Enable UDOO Camera Module

This enables the Camera Module. A service is required to enable the loopback device. More informations about UDOO Camera Modules

  • U-Boot

Shows Current U-Boot environment.

More Resources

UDOO Configuration Tool Source Code on GitHUB

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