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Universal Home API

Table of Contents:


The UHAPI Forum standardizes hardware-independent application programming interfaces (APIs) for analog and digital televisions, set top boxes, DVD players and recorders, personal video recorders (PVRs), home servers and other consumer audio/video (A/V) devices.

The forum has released the UHAPI 1.1 specification for Analogue and Digital Television ATSC and Personal Video Recorders (PVR). The latest specifications are available at [1]. The 1.1 version has been donated by the UHAPI Forum to CELF (complying with CELF non-member submission license requirements) and can be downloaded here: attachment:UHAPI1_1.zip .

List of UHAPI 1.1 Interfaces


||<:rowbgcolor=80C0c0>Interface name||<:>Interface name|| ||Analog Audio Decoding || ATSC Decoder || ||SPDIF Decoding ||SPDIF-in || ||SPDIF-out ||Audio Automatic Volume Levelling || ||Audio Program Selection ||Audio Bass Enhancement || ||Audio Dynamic Range Control ||Audio Mixing || ||Audio Noise Generation ||Audio Volume Control || ||Equalizing ||Output Configuration || ||Speaker Set/Headphones || ||


||<:rowbgcolor=80C0c0>Interface name||<:>Interface name|| ||Analog Audio & Video Demodulation ||Analog Video Decoding || ||ATSC Decoder ||Analog AV Input || ||Analog AV Output ||Channel Decoding || ||Hdmi In ||Image Decoding 2 || ||Out Of Band Tuning & Demodulation ||RF Amplification || ||Signal Strength ||STC Decoder || ||Transport Stream Demultiplexing ||Transport Stream Multiplexing || ||Tuning ||URL Source || ||VBI Slicing || Video Mixing || ||Ambient Level ||Analog Video Encoder || ||Analog Video Encryption ||Anti Aging || ||Black Bar Detection ||Video Color Enhancement || ||Color Transient Improvement ||Dynamic Noise Reduction || ||Histogram Modification ||Noise Measurement || ||Scan Rate Conversion 2 ||Sharpness Enhancement || ||Sharpness Measurement ||Basic Video Featuring ||

Personal Video Recorder

||<:rowbgcolor=80C0c0>Interface name||<:>Interface name|| ||Data Injecting ||Data Extracting || ||SPTS Transmuxing || ||

Other UHAPI resources

* UHAPI 1.1 specification : attachment:UHAPI1_1.zip
* Open Source Linux PC implementation of the UHAPI interfaces : [2], Avg Uhapi Imp Task Force