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The LC4500 Cape provides a portable DLP projector solution for BeagleBone boards. The WXGA projector, controlled by a TI DLPC350, sits below the LC4500 control board. The Beaglebone plugs in "upside down" to the topside of the board. Trigger and synchronization signals are routed to the BeagleBone to support triggering of events. An SPI bus is routed from the BeagleBone to a connector on the LC4500 to communicate with other devices (such as an ADC). Control of the DLPC350 is accomplished with I2C commands from the BeagleBone.



Revision Changes

Revision C

Initial public release.

Software Support

  • BeagleBone LC4500 Cape revision C is supported by Debian 3.8 release and later

10-31-12 onward.

  • Major BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here.
  • Intermediate BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here

Please follow the instructions here to write the image file to your SD card on a Windows machine.

Getting Started

Required setup:

  • A LC4500 Controller Cape
  • A BeagleBone (with supported software)
  • A 12V DC power supply (we recommend 12V - 5A)
  • A 5V DC power supply (recommended when re-flashing BeagleBone)

Following the instructions below to start using your BeagleBone LC4500 Cape:

  1. Make sure you have an SD image file that supports the LC4500 Cape.
  2. We recommend when re-flashing and SD image file that the BeagleBone is standalone (not plugged in to LC4500).
  3. Install SDCard, Power up with 5V DC power supply (press SXX at power up to load SD Image)
  4. Cover 5VDC power connector with tape !
  5. Make sure LC4500 is configured to support BeagleBone (see xxxx)
  6. Power up LC4500 with 12 VDC. Don't plug in 12 VDC power-supply to BeagleBone!!
  7. Projector will power up with initial splash screen, then switch to BeagleBone X-window screen.
  8. Make sure BeagleBone is connected to network
  9. Connect to BeagleBone with 'ssh -l root beaglebone.local

You can start using the board.


Followings are some specifications of the LC4500 Cape:

Electrical Specifications


Mechanical Specifications

Power 5V via BeagleBone header
DLP Chipset DLP4500 / DLPC350
Display Type WXGA RGB Projector
Resolution 912x1140
Brightness 200 lumens
Indicators Power LED
User LED
Connectors One SPI bus header
Two 5-position male header (triggers)
Size 112 mm x 96 mm
Layers 8
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

The BeagleBone LC4500 Cape uses every cape signals including:

  • VDD_3V3EXP
  • SYS_5V
  • DGND
  • LCD_EN
  • LCD_DATA[0..24]


EEPROM Suport No
Board Name BeagleBone LC4500 Cape
Version 00C
Manufacturer Keynote Photonics
Part Number LC4500-RGB-P5
Pins Used xx


Product Images


User Guide


Hardware Files

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