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I am an inquisitive engineer with an ability of solving complex subject matter and providing an efficient and well-versed solution for the same. I am pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering currently in my 3rd year (6th semester) at Indian Institute Of Technology (Indian School Of Mines), Dhanbad which is one of the oldest and the most prestigious institution of India with an overall GPA of 8.33. Outside the classroom, I am an innovator and a profound leader. My leadership experiences can be backtracked from being the co-coordinator of the upcoming Hackfest’17 which is the biggest university hackathon to being the senior house prefect in my senior high school. Besides being a leader, I have toiled enough to aggrandize my technical skills in the field of computer science, electrical and electronics. Putting all the skills together, I have successfully completed my research work on Nearest Neighbour Algorithm for Electric Vehicle Routing Problem under my project mentor Ass.Prof.B.K.Naick(Research Paper to be published soon). Besides brainstorming on competitive coding problems, I have a great interest in Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things which has tempted me to participate in various hackathons and innovation challenges. All my projects can be viewed on my website ( or on my GitHub account http:/