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echo "set environment variables"
echo "set environment variables"
cd ${OETREE}
. ${OETREE}/sourceme.txt  
. ${OETREE}/sourceme.txt  

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I am majoring in computer engineering and pursuing a certificate in optical communications. I am currently enrolled in ECE597, hoping to explore the applications of Linux in an embedded environment as well as the necessary considerations that must be made in developing for such an environment. I have a keen interest and a great deal of experience with Linux and am a member of the Rose-Hulman Linux Users' Group.

I am currently working on a script to automate the bitbake process with multiple cores. This is a copy of the script in its current form. Please note that it is a work in progress.

# bitbake automation
# J. Cody Collins

START=$(date +%s)


export OETREE="${HOME}/oe"

echo "set environment variables"
. ${OETREE}/sourceme.txt 

echo "Go to the OE tree"
cd ${OETREE}/openembedded 

echo "Make sure it's up to date"
git pull --rebase

echo "Start building"
bitbake $1

while [ $? -ne 0 ]; do
	if [ $COUNT -lt $MAXTRIES ]; then
		echo "re-running bitbake -- trial $COUNT"
		# Give the user a chance to kill the task
		sleep 5
		bitbake $1
		echo "Maximum tries exceeded. Exiting..."

END=$(date +%s)
DIFF=$(( $END - $START ))
echo "Build took $DIFF seconds."
echo "Completed after $COUNT attempts."