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Name-Saket Sinha


Date of Birth-2nd January, 1989.

Address for Correspondence: D 3/4, PWD Flats, Rajendra nagar, Lucknow-226004, INDIA.

Local Address: 85-A, Amritpuri, East Of Kailash, New Delhi-110065, INDIA.


Ph no: +91 9999728043 +91 9415584157


Post-Graduation (Pursuing) MSc(FOSS-CS) Centre Of Distance Education,Anna University, Chennai

Post-Graduation (2011-12) Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded System & VLSI Design CDAC, NOIDA Grade Secured: A+

Graduation ( 2007-11) B.Tech Electronics & Communication CET- IILM-AHL (UPTU,Lucknow) Grade Secured: - 65.0%

10+2 (2006-2007) City Montessori School Lko Grade Secured: - 88.2%

10 (2004-2005) La-Martiniere College Lko Grade Secured: - 88.2%

Technical profile

Programming Languages : Embedded C, C/ C++, Linux Kernel Programming, JAVA, VHDL. Web Technologies  : Javascript, HTML and CSS. Operating System  : Linux-Red Hat(6.0) ,Ubuntu(12.4), Windows(XP-7). Microcontroller  : AVR(AT Mega32), ARM(LPC 1768), Reneseas. Software Tools  : AVR Studio, HEW, LPC Expresso, CCS Studio. Management Tools  : GIT, SVN System Programming  : Linux-Internals & Device Driver, GDB. Server  : LAMP( MySql, PHP, Apache )


Project : UPNP Stack Team Size : 5 Description :Universal Plug and Play allows automatic discovery and control of services available on the network from other devices without user intervention. Devices that act as servers can advertise their services to clients. Client systems, known as control points, can search for specific services on the network. When they find devices with desired services, the control points can retrieve detailed descriptions of the devices and services and interact from that point on. ROLE: Developed an Http Module which parses the http headers for incoming messages and aids in constructing the appropriate headers for outgoing messages. Configured Apache over a Linux PC and httpd embedded server over Arm Processor. Port forwarding and Virtual Hosting enabled. New application modules added as per application needs. Programming Language :C/C++, Linux Device Driver Programming, Bash scripting, Assembly.

Project : Network Time Protocol(NTP) Synchronized Clocking System Team Size : 5 Description : NTP Synchronized Clocking System is a Master Time Distributer System developed upon an ARM Cortex MCU. The System is developed to take time from a NTP server, acting as a NTP client, over the internet and distribute it to synchronize slave clocks through RF. Alternatively, the device can also act as a NTP server and sync Time with PC. ROLE: Porting of Operating System (Embedded Linux) on in house developed board. Application Development around the ported operating system. Linux Device Driver development for serial port, ethernet port and kernel modules programming. Socket programming and Inter Process communication techniques for developing a Client-Server architecture capable of transferring fragmented messages over TCP and UDP sockets in networking environment. Used packet sniffing and analyzing tool Wireshark, tcpdump and commands like netstat, traceroute and sock for deep inspection of NTP protocol. Hardware : NXP LPC1768, Wiznet W5100. Programming Language : Socket Programming, Linux Device Driver Programming, Bash scripting, Assembly.

Project : LCGATE – INDIAN RAILWAYS Team Size : 10 Description : The system is designed specifically for Indian Railways. The system gives the call information for the voice calls made from the gates in the form of mp3 on Hard disks. The system also enables any subscribers to dial in to the system through proper authentication using DTMF pass codes and voice prompts. The system handles both local line and radio for calling purpose. ROLE: Implemented FREERTOS to synchronize interrupts and program control management in above project. Developed FAT file system enabling logging of voiced calls based upon date and time in MP3 format. Hardware :Renesas RX62N, CMX865A. Programming Language : FreeRtos, C, Assembly.

ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENT FELLOWSHIP Developed a software application “Engineering Counseling Software” for Consulting Development Center, New delhi of DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology as a part of their fellowship scheme.

All India Rank 328 in National Talent Search Examination 2003

Training , Projects \ Certificate Course Completed

Two months industrial training at Defence Electronics Research Laboratory,Hyderabad on Embedded Systems Certification Course for 6 months in Embedded System by Ducat.Pvt.Ltd. Certification Course for 2 months in Advanced Java by IBM education.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Acting: BEST ROLEPLAY 2003 La-Martiniere, College, Lko Inter School/Inter Collegiate Essay Contest 2nd Prize 2006 CMS, Lko International Essay Competition Participation Prize 2006 GOI, Peace Foundation, Japan


DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and that I’ll do my best for the good of the organization. Date: Saket Sinha