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== Arch Host Info ==
== Arch Host Info ==
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<code>opkg install ldd</code>
<code>opkg install ldd</code>
Info about [http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl1_ldd.htm ldd]

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Arch Host Info

To use Arch Linux as a host, make sure to install minicom using pacman.

As root: pacman -S minicom

Also install dosfstools for formating the SD card.

As root: pacman -S dosfstools

To install bitbake (assuming you have yaourt installed)

yaourt -S bitbake

You might have to edit the package build to get the latest version.

For ssh access to your board install the openssh package.

As root: pacman -S openssh

Follow the instructions on the Arch Wiki for setting up ssh.


To have ldd on your board run:

opkg install ldd

Info about ldd