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  1. RPi Art FoamCardBoard case In Case Page
  2. RPNuino

An 4€ RPi case

When having an RPi for 30€, buying a 15€ case is quit expensive. I decided to create this case. You just need :

  1. An 21x29.7 Art foam Cardboard
  2. Cutter
  3. Glues : sticker and gel

How to :

  1. Print the template with the right scale
  2. Validate the sizes
  3. Glue the template on the board using the glue sticker
  4. Cut, assemble and glue using the glue gel
  5. If the RPi will stay powered for a long time. A few vent holes could be added

Final touch:

  1. Print a Raspberry Pi logo and glue it

The libreCad file could be downloaded : File:Raspberry-pi-3mm-foamboard-case.dxf


This project aims to interface an Arduino stack thru the standard USB port. It will be coupled with an RPN kindof calculator allowing a Php/Apache stack to send commands and retrieve information on the Arduino.

The RPi runs under Arch linux with only the eth0 connection.

Work in progress !