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  1. RPi Art FoamCardBoard case In Case Page
  2. RPNuino

An 4€ RPi case

When having an RPi for 30€, buying a 15€ case is quit expensive. I decided to create this case. You just need :

  1. An 21x29.7 Art foam Cardboard
  2. Cutter
  3. Glue (the gel kind is the best

How to :

  1. Print the template with the right scale
  2. Validate the sizes
  3. Cut and glue
  4. If the RPi will stay powered for a long time. A few vent holes could be added

Final touch

  1. Print a Raspberry Pi logo and glue it


This project aims to interface an Arduino stack thru the standard USB port. It will be coupled with an RPN kindof calculator allowing a Php/Apache stack to send commands and retrieve information on the Arduino.

The RPi runs under Arch linux with only the eth0 connection.

Work in progress !