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I am a biotechnologist with a keen interest in electronics and computer science. I am playing with hardware and making new gadgets from the time as far as I can remember my existence. I started by fixing my toys and opening CRT TVs, I was fascinated with all the components so I started collecting them. I used the screwdriver to get the components out of the PCBs because I didn't have the soldering iron at that time(i was ~8ys old) and then somebody gave me a book which provided 100+ circuits/projects using transistors, NE555, and 4000 series logic chips. I didn't have the access to the internet until high school and no resources to get the components for my projects so, I found some scrap stores around me and I used to go there for getting old PCBs and mainly for finding the components I wanted for building the projects. I am 21yrs old now and I still go to scrap shops to get PCBs and fascinating electronic parts for dirt cheap price.