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Last year I completed a combined Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Engineering and Communications, at the University of Novi Sad. The curriculum was mainly about embedded software development and automation.

While studying I've acquired around 6 years of software development experience, but mostly in the field of SCADA on Unix for energy market information systems. The last year I spent working in a few different fields: web development, bioinformatics, and right now I'm a TA and PhD student at the University of Novi Sad with the C++ and Computer Architecture courses.

Still in secondary school, I taught myself x86 assembly for both application and OS development from the Intel CPU manuals, and some electronics too. But the work I found locally was mostly about developing information systems. Now I'm thinking about moving my career more in the direction of embedded Linux. A GSoC project for BeagleBord.org would be a perfect entry point.

More information about me can be found on LinkedIn: http://rs.linkedin.com/in/mpovolni/