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A random collection of notes on the Angstrom builds for Beagleboard


Older uboots display a beagleboard splash. These are outdated and broken.

Koen distribution

Koen is responsible for the distribution at


USR0: heartbeat, driven by the Kernel. However, it is possible for the board to fail to boot yet the heartbeat to continue (for instance the "pixel clock problem").

USR1: MMC IO activity monitor.


DSS2 is the display driver that has been virtually rewritten. It includes a sysfs interface at /sys/class/grpahics and /sys/driver/platform/omapdss. See for instance [1] for more info - or just search the google mailing list for DSS2.

James distribution

James is an alternative build that is being used for the Beagleboard James project. Some developers say it has better display and devices support than the Koen distribution.

NOTE: James is based upon a snapshot of Koen's distribution and is not a separate distribution. Apparently there is some regression along the line. Frankly speaking James is in need of an update, but the author of James is too busy on other issues at the moment.