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=== Introduction ===
This Page is my personal reference to my work in ECE497. All of the command line arguments are designed to run on Ubuntu 12.04.
=== Connecting to the BeagleBone ===
In order to Connect to the BeagleBone we can use screen or ssh. Its a good idea to install screen before getting started:
  host$ '''sudo apt-get install screen'''
Before plugging in the BeagleBone, run the following:
  host$ '''ls /dev/tty* > /tmp/tty'''
Then, After plugging in the BeagleBone, run the following to show which USB the Bone is plugged into:
  host$ '''ls /dev/tty* > /tmp/tty2'''
  host$ '''diff /tmp/tty*'''
  98a99, 100
  > /dev/ttyUSB0
  > /dev/ttyUSB1
  host$ '''sudo screen /dev/''ttyUSB1'' 115200'''
USB0 and USB1 are both listed when plugging in the Bone, but after attempting to connect to each of them (next) I found that ttyUSB1 was the Bone.
Press '''Return''' to start the Angstrom software, and login as '''root'''
Congratulations you are now connected to the BeagleBone.
Once logged in to root on the Bone, you can eject the Bone and run:
  beagle$ '''ifconfig'''
listed under usb0, is (in my case) '''inet addr: Bcast: Mask:'''
Using ssh we can also connect to the Bone:
  host$ '''ssh -X root@'''

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