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I'm Dale, usually known as linuxguy or robotguy on forms and IRC. I can usually be found on channels #edev, #elinux, #hwhack, #tincantools, #python, #django, #pylons, #spoon, and #WALTER, amongst others. I can also be found on the Lynxmotion Forums, Trossen Robotics Forums, and TinCanTools Forums every day, off and on throughout the day.

I've been tinkering with robotics since August of 2006, and just took the dive into Embedded Systems a few months ago when I hooked up with Dave Anders on the Spark Fun Electronics Forums. Now I am an Evaluator/Tester, and some say King of Breakage of Buildroot, working with Dave and others to pretty much do anything we can do with Hammer and document it here on the Wiki.

Several months ago, pretty much the same time I connected with Dave, I suggested they make a robotics oriented board based on Hammer. Recently, they decided to run with it and I've become part of that development team along with Rusty Herod (Head of TinCanTools), Sienna (Caitlyn), and others. This is so exciting! I have worked in electronics doing assembly (mechanical and electronic), electronics test and Q/A-Q/C, and have been on several product prototype teams helping iron out bugs in new designs, and setting up production kits and procedures for new products.

I've also just become involved with a project at Trossen Robotics to build a repository of software and models for robotcs, with Matt Trossen, Sienna (Caitlyn), Adrenalynn, and others. We're still in the design phase of this, but it is coming along well so far. The repository will include code and algorithms for such things as Forward and Inverse Kinematics (multi-joint arm and leg positioning within the 3D environment), Navigation, Sensor processing and integration, Locomotion Control, and many other topics.