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hello openbord am33x
hello openbord am33x

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hello openbord am33x Greetings from EasyARM || PHYTEC || AesLab

Help all your friends who want to switch Embedded Linux Domain. Let them take the first chance to know about Embedded Linux.

All are invited for One day Workshop on eLinux on ARM Cortex-A8. For more details see link below http://www.aeslab.com/Manuals/Embedded_Linux_Free_Training.pdf

We can conduct this workshop at your company also, provided 20 people participating from different groups / projects. [ Pass this info to your HR / Training Department ]

Note: We are conducting these workshops free with help of all our friends who got trained from us and working in Embedded Linux. So If you are interested to take these classes and become a part of Team write to info@easyarm.com

To Register: send a mail to info@eaysarm.com || call 9972039671 / +91-8041307589 || sms "FREE_WS"