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I currently work at NVIDIA on computer vision (mostly CPU optimization using ARM NEON SIMD Assembly language, plus some work on OpenCV4Tegra, OpenVX and VisionWorks) and Jetson TK1 embedded community support. I put together most of the Jetson TK1 Wiki and the Jetson TK1 Blog, so feel free to email me at "" if you have comments about either of them.

I have been making robots or electronic inventions or computer programs in almost every day since 1994. I also have a Masters degree in Robotics, a BSc in Computer Science, and a BEngg in Mechatronics Engineering.

I have worked in Australia, USA, UAE (Dubai) and Philippines on state-of-the-art robotics & computer vision technologies, from self-balancing robots that can climb stairs, to humanoid robots that can talk & recognize faces, to some of the fastest 3D software-renderers and mobile ARM code available including 3D Augmented Reality.

To contact me or follow me on Google+ or read my tutorials on OpenCV, visit