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Currently I work as Android developer for SIDI ( Samsung Instituto de Desenvolvimento para a Informática ) - a Samsung Electronics Institute. Most of my work focuses on linux kernel bug analysis, kernel panics/Oops. All this at Campinas, Brazil. I'm specifically interested in Embedded Linux and maintain linux kernel, but I still need to find my spot in Linux Kernel. I don't think that I need to find the subsystem that better fits me, I just need to find the one that need me more. If you do kernel development or know someone who needs help in any subsystem, I will be glad to help, send me an e-mail. =p

Current contact information

You can contact Lucas at the following address:

  • e-mail: tanure (at) linux (dot) com.

For a detailed profile of my work history please see my LinkedIn profile.

Bookmarks for things I'm working on in this wiki