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F. Trevor Gowen, MInstP

  • Retired Principal Scientist
  • Hobbies: Electronics, Computers, Photography (Film & Digital), Railway Modelling (N Gauge) and Family History Research
  • Web pages: CPM-Spectre-Pi: Trevor Gowen's Home Page§. These now include a link to exported pages from a MoinMoin wiki that runs on my first Raspberry Pi, and which contains notes w.r.t. various "projects" or hardware I'm trying out - mainly various USB devices/adapters that I'd aquired some time ago. (Last import 02.12.2012, including a brief look at RISC OS Pi. USB Power Supply/Powered Hubs measurements largely completed.).

§Relocated to my ISP's newer server to gain webspace!

I now have a second, recent "Model B" with 512Mb of RAM (Which was replaced by Farnell after it suffered SD card socket failure)

Which allowed me to resurrect the BBC Basic/NC200 version of my "Aid to Electronic Circuit Design Program Package". (IIRC the first version ran via teletype on a mainframe at Q.M.C. in the mid-1970's)