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Young-Ho Song


Ph.D. Computer Engineering

2007 ~ current, Working as Fusion Team Manager (Linux Expert, Security) in NDS KR NDS

First Lieutenant OCSK(Officer Candidate School of Korea), Military Service Experience in the Air Force, 1996 ~ 1999

Phone : +82 2 6277 9167 (29167), +82 10 6421 2573

E-mail :,

Be nominated to a reviewer for "Journal of Korea MultiMedia Society (KMMS)", 12 March 2012 Korea

Youn-Ho Song, "P4P-Proactive network Provider Participation," NDS 2010 GDC(Global Development Conference), April 2010 Berlin, Germany

Youn-Ho Song, "Linux Monitoring and Debugging Techniques," NDS 2008 GDC(Global Development Conference), Nov 2008 Málaga, Spain


Embedded Systems, Multimedia, Network Security, Internet Traffic Measurement, Analysis in High-Speed Networks, Network Processor, VoIP, System On Chips, USN, IPTV, Set-Top-Box, P2P/P4P network


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International Conference

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Domestic Journal

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Domestic Conference

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