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'''This is the talk page for [[User:Tufty | Tufty]]'''
'''This is the talk page for [[User:Tufty | Tufty]]'''
* The link you added to the MGS computing society did not contain a URL, so it pointed to a (non-existent) wiki page. I've created a page for it to point to - please have a look and either link to a URL like this: <nowiki>[http://www.google.co.uk| Google]</nowiki> (this produces: [http://www.google.co.uk| Google]) or add some content to the new wiki page. Thanks. - [[User:Tufty|Tufty]]
* Tufty - too hot off the mark! I was in the process of creating the page when you changed the link. The page is here: http://elinux.org/MGS_Computing_Society_page. I'm feeling befuddled and ill - please could I prevail upon you to put it back the way it was and delete the page you made? Many Thanks. Simon*
*Ok, I've changed the link, added a link back to the Education page from your page, and put in a redirect from the superfluous page I made. - [[User:Tufty | Tufty]] 10:08 02/02/2012 (UTC)
*Many thanks for your help and enthusiasm (especially as I'm under the weather right now - I currently have a viral rash that ironically makes me look a bit like a raspberry). I'm afraid that up until now the whole Wiki thing had passed me by. I thought the self generating index from the section titles was particularly cool (and unexpected). I was wondering whether your page title did anything funky to the structure (like make it a subtopic of RPi). Would I be better copying my content onto your page? - [[User:Huntsi | Huntsi]]
*That's ok, glad you're enjoying using the wiki. The page title was just following a convention (RPi_Name_Of_Page), and unfortunately doesn't create a subtopic. The Raspberry Pi pages are linked by a category tag, <nowiki>[[Category:RaspberryPi]]</nowiki>, which is included in the code of <nowiki>{{Template:Raspberry Pi}}</nowiki>. Page titles are both case sensitive and space sensitive, so following a convention makes it less likely that other users will create duplicate pages with ever-so-slightly different names. Creating a conventionally-named page and redirecting from it to the actual page does the trick, so there's no need to move the page. - [[User:Tufty | Tufty]] 18:30 03/02/2012 (UTC)

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This is the talk page for Tufty