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hopefully this is the correct place for this! I was reading through your advanced hardware setup page for the RPi and wanted to help with the serial setup info if possible

I have purchased 2 of these from amazon [[1]] Which apparently have turned up today. I have a twofold reason as I am debugging a problem with a synology box at the same time. Hopefully they will be a cheap way of everybody accessing the console via USB port as COM ports are thin on the ground these days especially in laptops. Once I have a board and a header soldered to it I will confirm all settings and positions etc. Can you confirm the source of the baud rate quoted, seems quite high for a default baud rate?

Eagerly awaiting release.


  • Hi, sounds like a plan. I'm not responsible for adding that information - I transferred that page to a new one with a more sensible name. There's a few mentions on the Raspberry Pi Foundation Forum about 115200, might provide some clues - Tufty 17:00 01/02/2012 (UTC)