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sqlite> .quit

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Light Media Scanner

Lightweight media scanner (LMS) has been created for embedded systems. It uses SQLite for storing data. The project started in 2007. The source code is available at GitHub under GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1.


Rygel is a home media solution. There is LMS plugin for Rygel.



The instructions below explain how to manually use Rygel and LMS to scan for multimedia files, list and share them over Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). It has been tested with the Tizen distribution for i.MX6 built with Yocto/OE and meta-agl, the Yocto Layer of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

  • Ensure that the embedded device and your personal computer and in the same network.
  • Ensure that Light Media Scanner (LMS), Rygel and its LMS plugin has been installed on the embedded device
  • Login as root on the embedded device.
  • Ensure that /usr/share/media exists and place in it FLAC (with metadata) and JPG files.
  • Type the following on the embedded device to launch Light Media Scanner:
dbus-launch --auto-syntax lightmediascannerd --startup-scan --directory=/usr/share/media &
  • Type the following on the embedded device:
ls ~/.config/lightmediascannerd/
  • verify that lightmediascannerd has successfully created SQLite database:
db.sqlite3  db.sqlite3-journal
  • Type the following on the embedded device to verify that lightmediascannerd has successfully retrieved the multimedia files and inserted the to the SQLite database:
sqlite3 ~/.config/lightmediascannerd/db.sqlite3

sqlite> .tables
audio_albums      audios            lms_internal      videos_audios   
audio_artists     files             playlists         videos_subtitles
audio_genres      images            videos            videos_videos

sqlite> SELECT * FROM images;

sqlite> .quit
  • Type the following on the embedded device to launch Rygel:
dbus-launch --auto-syntax /usr/bin/rygel -c /etc/rygel.conf
  • Install eezUPnP on your personal computer.
  • Launch eezUPnP on your personal computer and verify that the embedded device and the lists of the mutimedia files on it are displayed.

Using Systemd services