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Team members: Karre Nitin,Manoj Kumar,Sadwith gogula

Grading Template

I'm using the following template to grade. Each slot is 10 points. 0 = Missing, 5=OK, 10=Wow!

00 Executive Summary
00 Installation Instructions 
00 User Instructions
00 Highlights
00 Theory of Operation
00 Work Breakdown
00 Future Work
00 Conclusions
00 Demo
00 Not Late
Comments: I'm looking forward to seeing this.

Score:  00/100

(Inline Comment)

Executive Summary

This project involves setting up sensors of different kind around our campus (IIT Mandi) and collecting the data for further analysis. The sensors are of various kinds like temperature, pressure, altitude, anemometer, rainfall, gas sensors. There will be multiple sensors of each type , collecting data after every few minutes and then going off to sleep. The data collected by sensors is send to a server over WiFi and most reasonable values are selected and graph plots are displayed over the internet on a website or web-portal.

A simple prototype has been built that has been gathering temperature and pressure data on a Beagle Bone and logging the data on a separate server since 18-Aug-2015 by Mr.Mark. The current data can be seen here.

The data received from different sensors widely differ from the actual values.


Installation Instructions

User Instructions


Theory of Operation

Work Breakdown

Future Work


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