YPS 2022.05 Presentations

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The 2022.05 edition of The Yocto Project Summit (yps2022.05).

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Welcome slides

Beginners Tutorial (May 17, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
part 1 Behan Webster Slides
part 2 Tom King

Live Coding (May 17, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Live Coding with Josef Josef Holzmayr PDF

Hands-On Classes (May 17, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
devtool Saul Wold PDF
linux kernel lab Tim Orling PDF


Day 1 (May 18, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Bitbake 101, running the Yocto Project workflow Harald Achitz PDF Video
Demystifying the OVERRIDES mechanism and Bitbake operators - 2022 edition Quentin Schulz PDF Video
Breaking down the BitBake build on the process level Amir Kirsh PDF Video
Open Air Yocto Josef Holzmayr PDF
Yocto Layer CI Build and Test with GitHub Actions Alex Lennon PDF Video
Using KAS to make Yocto more manageable Alan Martinovic PDF Video
Survey of 3rd party Yocto tooling Joshua Watt PDF Video
How do I start contributing to Yocto Project? Michael Opdenacker PDF Video
YP Dependency Issues: Tools and Techniques David Reyna PDF Video
Support of the Nezha Allwinner D1 in meta-riscv Cezary Sobczak PDF Video
OEcore features and challenges Packaging modern languages Bruce Ashfield PDF Video

Day 2 (May 19, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Building Yocto Project at scale with TuxSuite Vishal Bhoj PDF Video
Showcase - Mender, an end-to-end OTA solution for Yocto Josef Holzmayr PDF Video
Fleet Health Monitoring with Yocto Drew Moseley PDF Video
Wind River and Yocto Project Jay Kruemcke PDF Video
Oniro Project - A Yocto-based product-ready distribution Andrei Gherzan PDF Video
Inclusive Language Update Saul Wold PDF Video
CVE checking an entire distribution Marta Rybczynska PDF Video
Where did my setup.py go? Changes in Python Recipes in Yocto Project 4.0 ‘kirkstone’ Release Tim Orling and Ross Burton PDF Video
Augmenting sstate-cache with ccache Amir Kirsh PDF Video
Practical Filesystem Security for Embedded Systems Richard Weinberger PDF Video
The Yocto Project Reference Binary Distro effort Bruce Ashfield PDF Video