YPS 2022.11 Presentations

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The 2022.11 edition of The Yocto Project Summit (yps2022.11).

Link to conference website
Link to schedule

Beginners Tutorial (Nov 29, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
part 1 Behan Webster Slides
part 2 Tom King

Hands-on track (Nov. 29, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Hands-on setup David Reyna PDF
Live coding Josef Holzmayr PDF Video
Hands-on session using Devtool David Reyna PDF Video
Hands-on User Space Rudolf Streif PDF Video


Day 2 (Nov 30, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Opening keynote: 2022, a Year in Review Andrew Wafaa Video
Why Is My Build So Slow!? Ross Burton Video
Detecting and fixing CVE security issues in yocto based embedded Linux distribution Miko Rapeli PDF Video
Automate Yocto layer maintenance with cloud managed services Thomas Roos PDF Video
Maintenance and Security of a Yocto Project-based Distribution: A Year of Experiences Marta Rybczynska PDF Video
Bitbaking SPDX SBoM Michael Opdenacker PDF Video
Creating an Installer that Leverages bmaptool Tim Orling PDF Video
KAS, Yocto made easy Jon Mason PDF Video
Making bitbake PSI-chic: regulating builds using /proc/pressure Randy MacLeod PDF Video
Running QEMU Images with virtio, virsh and virt-manager Tim Orling PDF Video
Building a Robot with Yocto and ROS Rob Woolley PDF Video
SBoMs and Supply Chain with the Yocto Project Joshua Watt PDF Video
Yocto Project Lesser Known Features Khem Raj PDF

Day 3 (Dec 1, 2022)

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Showcase - Yocto Project and AWS Richard Elberger PDF Video
Showcase - Corstone-1000: Secure IoT SoC on Yocto Project Abdellatif El Khlifi PDF Video
Showcase - OSPO-ready Yocto Projects: the data you didn't know to have Alberto Pianon PDF Video
Showcase - Porting Mender to New i.MX 8M Plus Machine and Working with Toradex BSP Leon Anavi PDF Video
Enabling UEFI Secure Boot on x86 platform with Yocto - getting started with meta-secure-core Tomasz Żyjewski Video
When not to use Yocto Project Josef Holzmayr PDF Video
What's new for Rust in the Yocto Project? Randy MacLoad PDF Video
Creating Friendly Layers, 2022 Edition Paul Barker PDF Video
Automating Yocto image testing with Gitlab CI/CD Clay Timmons PDF Video
How a modern Yocto setup could look like - by examples Anna-Lena Marx PDF Video
Drive Towards Frequent and Sustained Software Updates Mark Asselstine Video