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The ZipIt Wireless Instant Messenger is made by Aeronix and imported from China. The official site is at The ZipIt runs a custom IM app running under linux. The GPL/LGPL source code is available or documented. However, the object file for Zipit binary is not available for re-linking so they are in violation of the LGPL license for glibc.

There is an active community of users working to extend the functionality of the ZipIt. This group maintains this wiki and a Yahoo! group.

  • Technical details of the ZipIt (hardware & software) can be found on the ZipIt Tech Details page.
  • Details on modifications you can make to the Zipit (backlight, flash menory, ports) Zipit Hardware Mods
  • Alternative software created by users is available ZipIt Software

The ZipIt can be purchased from Radio Shack (The Source) for $99 or amazon and other online retailers.

How To...

Hardware Overview

  • Cirrus EP7312-CR-90 (ARM720T CPU running at up to 90MHz)
  • 2M flash - MX 29LV160ATxBC-70
  • 16M SDRAM - Hynix HY5V26D
  • 320x240x4 LCD (16 level gray scale)
  • Agere WiFi chip - WL600114LY
  • Wolfson Micro WM8751L Stereo DAC
  • LPC915 (8 bit uP)

Zipit Comments Not On Yahoo

Additional Zipit Notes

External Articles & Reviews

Project Updates

July 2005

  • Greatly expanded information on installing the BURN3 and OpenZipIt firmware, especially from Linux.
  • Many tech details have been moved to the ZipItTechDetails page in order to simplify this main page.

June 2005

March 2005

  • Keep checking the Yahoo BBS for the latest current status
  • The core Linux components are now replacable (including newer Busy Box, telnetd etc). Also a way of reflashing a non-solder modified device has been found.
  • Eventually a software-only SDK will be released (soldering not necessary if you are careful with subsequent reflashing steps)