ZipIt I2C

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Using the instructions on ZipItRTC as a base you can easily add a 4 pin connector to the outside of your ZipIt providing the I2C signals for any addon projects you choose.

Use as short of wires as possible to avoid causing problems with the I2C bus in the ZipIt. The I2C bus is REQUIRED for many functions of the ZipIt to function.

There are many I2C devices available for you to experiment with, here are some interesting examples:

  • Dallas DS1338 - Real Time Clock w/ 56byte NVRam, used in the ZipItRTC example.
  • Dallas DS1621 - Digial Thermometer & Thermostat
  • National Semiconductor LM75 - Digital Thermometer
  • Philips PCF8574 - 8 Bit I/O Expander
  • Philips PCD3312C - DTMF / modem / Musical Tone Generator
  • Linear LTC1710 - I2C / SMBus Dual N-Channel Switch

There are far too many I2C compatible devices to list here.