ZipIt Serial Flash

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How to flash new firmware on your zipit via serial port connection

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You can upload new firmware via a serial port connection to the Zipit's flash memory from a Windows PC or Linux box. First you have to modify your Zipit to add a serial port. See Zipit Serial Mod

You can get some info on this process (and download the necessary software) by reading BURN3 and ZipIt WiFi Flash, but those pages contain directions oriented towards flashing new firmware via WiFi, which does not work if your Zipit has ver 2.01 or later firmware already on it.

I found that the BURN3.bin file is encrypted to work for the WiFi hack, which will not work with the serial hack. Needed to use, which has loader, ramdisk and zimage files that must be uploaded separately. You can get the burn3 parts here

> 3. where are the full sources for zflash? The full source code is in the official release.