ZipIt WiFi Connect

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I've been trying to connect my ZipIt to my university's wireless network for a month now, and it finally dawned on me that once you connect to a wireless network with WEP on, you have to explicitly turn it off before you connect to an unencrypted network...


To see a list of networks, both encrypted and unencrypted do a:

iwlist eth0 scanning

To connect to an unencrypted network, you do a:

iwconfig eth0 essid [ESSID]

To connect to an encrypted network, you do a:

iwconfig eth0 essid [ESSID] key [WEP key] 

However, if you want to connect to an unencrypted network after this, you need to do a:

iwconfig eth0 essid [ESSID] key off

I really hope I'm the only person that didn't figure this out yet... lol