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Zoom2 is a reference platform that features TI's OMAP3430 processor. It has a 4.1" WVGA LCD panel, 256 MB SDRAM, 2 accelerometers, HDMI port, 8 Mega pixel camera, QWERTY keypad, capacitive touch screen and much more... See the this link for more specific details.

If you're interested in purchasing a Zoom2 please visit this site.


All the hardware you would need to work with a Zoom2 will be found inside the Zoom2 box. Make sure that you have the Zoom2 device, debug board, power supply, battery, USB-mini-b cable to get started.

Here is a nice unpacking video on OMAP Zoom2.


There are currently several distributions running on the Zoom2. Also, a few interesting software projects are underway.

Generic Linux on Zoom2

Android on Zoom2

some projects underway on Zoom2 such as the Google Android project. See here for more information on how to get Google Android up and running on the Zoom2: https://omapzoom.org/gf/project/omapandroid/wiki/.

Angstrom on Zoom2

Since there are many users in the Beagle community who are familiar with the Angstrom distribution, we looked into getting Angstrom running on Zoom2.

Below are the steps taken:

1. Kernel, Bootloader and Xloader were obtained from following instructions here for "stable releases": https://omapzoom.org/gf/project/omapandroid/wiki/?pagename=Accessing+the+Source+Code.
Also please note that the Linux OMAP kernel version 2.6.30 will have support for Zoom2 in the near future.

2. Kernel, Bootloader and Xloader were built from following instructions here: https://omapzoom.org/gf/project/omapandroid/wiki/?pagename=Building+the+System.

3. File system for Zoom2 can now be built via Angstrom's narcissus image builder.

4. Now the Zoom2 should be ready to boot Angstrom with an SDcard or some other booting mechanism. There are some information available here on booting the Zoom2: https://omapzoom.org/gf/project/omapandroid/wiki/?pagename=Installing+the+System. Although this information is specific to booting Google Android, same principles could be applied to booting Angstrom.

Poky on Zoom2