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Because of the messed up stuff on the Raspberry Pi wiki, I have found it necessary to create a governing council for the RPi wiki. Please edit the below section if you'd like to become a member (alderman) of the council.

Note: This is official and is ok with the administration of eLinux.

Supplemental guidelines

If anything is wrong with these guidelines please feel free to edit them. Thank you.

Guidelines are made from consensus

All supplemental guidelines and decisions will now be made by the RPWC and eLinux administration.

Current council aldermen

Current issues



I propose that since he ruined a lot of formatting that he is not to edit the Raspberry Pi Wiki's formatting for 1 month. You can see clearly here. He, in fact, misguided everyone in best practices! I want you to go to Wikipedia and take a hard stare and compare the articles! They are misleading! He clearly cannot go on with this! Anyone else agree? --Jeff 02:15, 2 October 2012 (UTC)
(Note: This decision must be concluded by Wednesday, October 3, 2012.)

Having compared Ghans' "Best Practice" with which, I believe, are the equivalent areas of Wikipedia and parts of the Help sections here I can see what you mean. However, using Wikipedia as a guide, one also has to assume that he was writing with the best of intentions. Unfortunately he does not reveal much about his background, experience etc. on his user page. However, having had the experience of encouraging "best practice" within a mixed group of programmer's of different backgrounds (scientific, computational) and training (formal, informal, none), I am well aware that when considering adopting such from a related area, one also has to consider the needs etc. of the intended users ie. adopt as much as is appropriate, adapt or reject the remainder. An analogy would be that when preparing a presentation one may end up with several versions depending upon the expected audience. Hence, whilst I am prepared to support your proposal, it is on the understanding that this is done so to allow us to begin to formulate more suitable guidelines, given that, eventually, hopefully, there will be younger, enthusiastic but less experienced contributers whom I would not wish to discourage. --TrevorGowen 14:40, 2 October 2012 (UTC)
So you're a support? --Jeff 22:32, 2 October 2012 (UTC)


Supplemental guidelines

If you are interested edit here

Please indicate your interest in joining the council below here, along with a link to your userpage.