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Because of the messed up stuff on the Raspberry Pi wiki, I have found it necessary to create a governing council for the RPi wiki. Please edit the below section if you'd like to become a member (alderman) of the council.

Guidelines of the RPi Wiki

The new guidelines are currently being drafted by the Raspberry Pi Wiki Council (RPWC). Please help out by proposing new ideas here.

Current council aldermen

If you are interested edit here

Please indicate your interest in joining the council below here, with a link to your userpage.

A note from elinux.org

Can someone please contact User:wmat about what exactly this effort entails and what you expect to achieve with it on the elinux.org wiki. Please remember that this is the Embedded Linux Wiki, NOT the Raspberry Pi wiki. Remember that nothing supercedes elinux.org usage policies and/or editorial control.