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Volunteering to improve the wiki

Below please find links to various pages with information and ideas for content and feature additions to the eLinux wiki.

(Various lists have crept up over the years, lets try to gather links to them here:)

Lists of editor tasks:

A lot of wanted pages are just dangling links from the Help pages, for pages that were not created when we initially set up the wiki. I think most of these types of pages can just be set to stubs. Alternatively, we can look at the MediaWiki site and copy the page from their site for these dangling help examples.

Another big set of wanted pages are for links between pages that were copied from the old CELF public wiki to here. This was done with some automated tools, which I think made some errors in the translation from MoinMoin to MediaWiki. If the legacy CELF page exists in this site, the link on the "requesting" page just needs to be repaired. If there is not matching page, then the link should just be removed.

Just for fun, I'm keeping track over time of some metrics:

Wanted page count history

Date Wanted page count
Dec 12, 2008 233
April 6, 2009 241 (why up?)
April 15, 2010 122
April 12, 2011 50 (but only few really relevant)

Why do these stats occasionally rise? On occasion, the Help pages are re-imported to pick up new pages. This can cause increases in Wanted Pages when the new pages have new page links on them that are not yet present in the new pages set.

To de-orphan a page, follow the link to the page, and create a link to it from an appropriate other page in the wiki. Before doing that, check to make sure that the information on the page is not duplicated somewhere else in the wiki (maybe by doing a search). Alternatively, sometimes the information can be copied from the orphan to someplace else, and the orphan removed. If you copy the information to somewhere else, just edit the orphan to make it empty, and add the page name to the list here, and an administrator will remove the page.

List of empty orphan pages:

  • <put page name here>

Orphan page count history

Date Orphan page count
Dec 12, 2008 122
April 6, 2009 134 (what the heck?)
Dec 2, 2009 89
Dec 9, 2009 30
April 13, 2011 26

Lists of administrator tasks:

Other lists:


Wikipedia style templates can be used to flag pages that may require an action. The tranclusion causes a box to appear at the top of the page and causes the page is added to a category for action. These categories can be seen for a list of pages to work on.

Some template/category combinations include:

See also Category:Templates

Resources for volunteers and wiki administrators

To communicate with other elinux wiki volunteers, editors and administrators, please join our

  • Mailing list
  • History page - has information about how we got here and why. Also, has links to pages used for previous activities, like contests and promotions.

How to clean Ray ban sunglasses?

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Ideas to encourage contributions

systems to facilitate exiting content review

  • create email system that people can subscribe to, to review wiki pages a little at a time

systems to facilitate addition of content

  • ability to bounce an LKML email to a collector, possibly adding a tag
    • collector would post to wiki, with tag
  • ability to forward and LKML email to a site, which returns you a URL (on e.g. lkml.org) for that message
    • This makes it easier to link to an LKML message or thread.
  • ability to rate LKML messages on a web site


We don't really have an official mechanism for donations of money.

We are, however, looking for donations of items we can use for prizes for some of our upcoming contests. Embedded Linux-based products, or tools or books related to embedded Linux, would be most appreciated.

If you have something like this, or a large donation (greater than $100), please contact Tim Bird or Bill Traynor.

Tim is available at: tim (dot) bird (at) am (dot) sony (dot) com. Bill is available at: wmat (at) naoi (dot) ca.